The philosophy at Elysee

Take a silent bath that is filled with thousands of air bubbles and experience what real relaxation feels like. In this silence let the water jets gently stimulate your body. Choose, create and combine alternatively or continuously your very own massage program.

The technology at Elysee

A carpet of water and air jets in your bathtub. By using the latest extra thin jet technology that is barely noticeable, your body will benefit from this new technology. The design of our new range of super-silent bathtubs makes them exclusive.

What is balneotherapy?

The principle of an air balneo therapy (air blower) consists in sending millions of heated air bubbles through tiny air jets that are dispersed on the bottom of the tub into the water. Once these bubbles touch the body they act as gentle massage agents and give you a sensation of floating and relaxation.

The principle of a water balneo therapy (whirlpool), on the other hand, consists in sending concentrated water jets through specifically placed (mostly legs and feet) so called hydro jets with the help of compressed air. By adding air in the pipes of the balneo system one can increase the power of the jet (aka Venturi procedure). The targeted body parts will be exposed to a real massage that can alleviate pains, stimulate the organism or even provide lymphatic drainage.

In regards to water consumption we insist on closed circuit balneo systems. The water will be taken right out of the tub which means that there is no additional water circuit needed to power the balneo therapy system. This again saves you water and money.

The benefits of the balneo therapy

Alleviate pains related to rheumatism, articular osteoarthritis, lumbagos and ischia’s syndrome.
Relieving of complains after a trauma.
Bone fractures, sprains and surgical operations that resulted in tendon starkness or muscular atrophy.
Heavy legs, nocturnal cramps, varicose, oedemas and cellulites.
Improves the gynaecological well-being of women.
Improvement of the behaviour balance.