Elysée Concept team


Founded in Chênée, in the province of Liège, Belgium it was in 1988 that Léonard and Philippe Bodson who were blacksmiths until then, incidentally heard about the researches made by a Swiss on a revolutionary bathtub with a door called the ELYSEE. In 1989 the company decided to go in two very different activity sectors and so began the adventure of INR (Innovation, Novelty, Research) today known as ELYSEE CONCEPT. Despite the financial crisis in 1999 that had been ravaging for years we wanted to stay on top of competitiveness and to do so we decided to settle down in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg which gave us the possibilities to grow and expand our activities.


This bathtub is the indispensable accessory for people who have mobility issues due to its simplicity of access. In constant awareness of the trends and evolutions in the domains of medicine and care our bathtub has evolved to the point where it can be used in bathroom in order to give them back their autonomy and intimacy in their own house.

Elysee is known for its strength, practicality, comfort, ergonomics and design. We offer a complete range of balneo therapy and disinfection systems as well as the possibility to incorporate aroma, colour and music therapy devices in our range of bathtubs. These qualities make the Elysee the most competitive and complete bathtub one on the market.


In order to meet the increasing demands of our growing clients list we wanted to address particular attention to other criteria ot the tub as transfer, pregnancy, overweight, paediatrics, etc. That is why, proud of our experience, we have conceived a range of products that allows us to meet all the specific needs of our clients.




Since the creation of the Elysee bathtubs the team of technicians has remained the same which means that they know them inside out. Our technicians have developed the product in collaboration with our medical partners. It are these very technicians that are immediately available for any eventual problem. In regards to sales and after-sales our commercial team is always ready to help you out. No matter if it is for an inquiry or to get further information about our products our team will provide you with what you need within the shortest time.


Due to our philosophy in regards to the quality of materials and the respect for the spirit of competitiveness, Elysee Concept has entrusted a part of the distribution of its products to a network of professional and competent local resellers. In constant relation with our production facility, these resellers are always kept up to date on the improvements of our products in order to provide you the best service possible.