The philosophy at Elysee

Benefit from the aromas without altering the hygiene of the water. Respect of the bathing water while using one of our medicinal herbs programs that were developed by Elysee Concept for your wellbeing.

The technology at Elysee

Diffusion of the aromas through the air system of the balneo system in order to prevent any potential skin reactions. A simple but yet effective system.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy makes use of the scents from medical plants that are won by distillation or compression.

Every organism has its natural defence system. The aim of the aromatherapy is to reinforce and stimulate these natural defences. So it is meant to prevent diseases.

Every aroma has its own particularities some have influences on stress others on the central nervous system. Aromas can be sedative or stimulant. They are used to restore an uneven balance or behaviours and are used in many other treatments.