The philosophy at Elysee

More than just listening, feel and perceive music while bathing. Your bathtub will become the speaker of your melody.

The technology at Elysee

A polyphonic sound that is diffused through the space as well as through the water by vibrations (deep sound). A head unit capable of playing all current media types thanks to USB, AUXIN and CD input.

What is music therapy ?

Music therapy uses the sound of music as a therapeutically tool. It helps to maintain and improve mental, emotional as well as physical health. It has an effect on the central nervous system. The fields of therapeutically application of music therapy are very large. Here is a little part of an exhaustive list:

The benefits of music therapy

Improvement of one’s mood.
Reduction of anxiety.
Contributes to the diminution of sedative medication use as morphine, antianxiety medication and analgesics.
Improvement of the life quality of people with mental disorders (autism, schizophrenia, dementia).
Improvement of new born care.