Beschrijving van de Indra

  • Working ergonomics
    Command are simple and well placed on the ergonomic table at the feet of the bath.
    The left brings confort to the third party helpers and also the space under the bath that enables to come with most of transfer system.
    The thermostatic blocking tap gives an increased security.
    The ergonomic tube is supplied with a deep seat and the extra height of the legs.
  • Hygiene
    The Indra has been conceived with particular attention to the quality of the materials and the accessibility to facilitate maintenance. Elysee offers a separate disinfection until that can be attached on any wall as well as other disinfection systems for all our balneo systems.
  • Confort
    Submerged in the spacious INDRA bath, the seated position in the deep seat and the raised legs ensure a great stability of the resident.
    Both moulded and large armrests are supplied with handles.
    3 Inserts to place the toeclip allow the personalized position of the resident.
  • Natural therapies
    Balneo therapy through air and water, light therapy, herbal medicine, aroma therapy and music therapy. The range of the therapies offered by Elysee is focussed on relaxation which makes it ideal for treatments in Snoezelen (aka Controlled Multisensory Environment) rooms
  • Balneo therapy
    Elysee Concept offers you a new range of bathtubs with extreme plain interfaces and silent jets in order to respect the client’s and bathroom’s calm.
    Our range of balneo therapies
    ELY’LISSE + -> The pleasure of bubbles
    ELY’REVA -> The dynamism of water
    ELY’ZEN -> Your individual combination of both

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