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13 Sep

Health & Care

HEALTH&CARE is the place where the 3 most important parts of the medical department will be present : the care industries, professionnal cares and the public administration.

We will be there with our LOPITAL Belgian and Holland partners, to present our new Indra Concept bath in pair with the Batéia bath with its facility of access.

Don’t miss to meet us in our Snoezelen space.


05 Mar

Discover the pleasure of bathing with ergonomic « No Sliding » system.

Indra bath is an electric variable height bath allowing caregivers to work at the right height. Usable with all transfer systems, easy to use and at very COMPETITIVE PRICE.

Indra offers as all other baths of Elysée range the benefits of a relaxing and invigorating bath firmly aimed at the well-being and the stimulation of residents.

Elysée is known for its sturdiness, practicality, comfort, ergonomics and design. these qualities which make Elysée bathtubs the most competitive and most comprehensive on the market.

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22 Nov

Lanira bad op TV…

De bad uit onze gamma Lanira wordt een ster op TV Rijsel.

Ontdek de video nu…

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